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What about heels?

posted by Sunnie Bell June 21, 2016 0 comments

Hola amigos!

What about heels? I don’t know if you noticed but I don’t really wear heels. Just like there are women who can’t imagine their life without heels, I’m on the other side of the river and can’t imagine my life without pair of keds or an offbeat oxfords. :))) I wear heels rare but when I do, first thing that bothers me is my feet feeling nice, I really really don’t like when my feet are sore. Long years in tennis made my feet pretty sensitive. Therefore, if I choose to wear heels I always make sure I can go all night wearing them feeling good and comfortable.

I’m also more tomboyish type in style and that’s another reason for me to choose flat shoes. May be it will change some day and I will be up for heels more often. Anyways, this is the first post of me wearing heels, that’s why I put a little story up here. 🙂

The outfit turned out pretty zesty and bold. I like to mix different by their style details, it always gives an outfit an offbeat touch.

Love & Peace



Photos by Nastay Mosh http://nastyamosh.pro


Top- Dantelle

Shorts- Vintage London Jeans


Hat- handmade from Ukrainian designer

Necklace- SunnieBell

Backpack – http://www.romwe.com

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