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The Game of Contrast

posted by Sunnie Bell January 24, 2017 0 comments

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

That was absolutely fantastic morning when three Ukrainian girls got together to create something audacious, vigorous and juicy. The main character of the project is a fascinating Daria. Dasha is the Ukrainian TV and radio host, the girl with fiery energy and dazzling smile. The idea of the project was to create the contrast between a character and a background. Thus, we have a pretty black silhouette strolling around a sweet paradise surroundings.

Here are first two looks of the project, two more are coming later this week.

Enjoy the show!




Model- Daria Kolomiec https://www.facebook.com/daria.kolomiec?fref=ufi

Photography- http://nastyamosh.pro

Style and Makeup – Sunnie Bell

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