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Straight Skirts Flatter

posted by Sunnie Bell June 12, 2017 0 comments

Aloha friends!

Number one goal for clothes you wear is to flatter your body. Self expression is also an integral part of the styling process. However, bad fit is a big deal and it can screw up even a very unique and exclusive outfit composition. Thus, it’s necessary to understand what types of clothes flatter you, what garments you should stick to and what to avoid.

What is good about pencil/straight skirts?

Straight skirts flatter almost every type of a body. You just need to find a style that works for you. Pay attention to the details of a skirt such as length, waistline, material, color. The goal is to create an illusion of an hourglass silhouette. Choosing the right waistline and length help to create this illusion.

For example, if you have a straight kind of body with narrow hips you can create an illusion of an hourglass shape with a pencil skirt that slightly tapers towards the bottom.

I’ll have a post about proportion and silhouette soon, stay tuned!

Behind the scene 🙂


♦♦♦Couple of Straight Midi Skirts Stories♦♦♦

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