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posted by Sunnie Bell December 2, 2014 0 comments

I’m very happy this day has come and I have a place where I can share and store all my thoughts and ideas about style and fashion. I’m a big fan of styling, dressing up and creating looks. Fortunately, nowadays there are so many options and opportunities to create personal style or even have multiple once.

5However, at the same time shopping might be confusing with such a huge variety of everything that stores are loaded with. Trends are changing extremely fast and it can be pricy to devotedly follow every single change. The other reason to not go crazy with trends is that there is a big chance you will look alike with other people.

1Though, there are trends that become classics and you just need to learn how to recognize such trends. As for me, I always try to buy things that can stay in use for a long time and become vintage in a while. Vintage stores are treasure places for me and I love to go wild over there. It’s super fun to mix something from the past with modern styles and always have different and unique looks. The more unique pieces you have in your collection the more interesting and fun the process of creating looks is.

editor_1423430052_2bBkDW6I also like to challenge myself to spend less but create something really interesting. The total cost of some of my outfits is funny small but the audience never sees that. Of course, if I find a piece of fashion art and it’s pricy I can go for it, but it has to be pretty special thing and definitely with a perspective to turn into classics. I find it fun to mix cheaper things with more expansive once.


P.S. Collect unique pieces, invest in classic items, don’t go crazy with trends, mix cheap and more expansive things, experiment with whatever you have in your wardrobe! 🙂





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