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Say yes to Plaid

posted by Sunnie Bell October 28, 2015 0 comments

Plaid pattern is one of the most classic and never dying print styles. There are many different variations of plaid styles that are used for any garment pieces and accessories. However, the most popular plaids are Royal Stewart and Black Watch. I like to wear Royal Stewart plaid accessories such as hats, gloves, scarfs, bags or shoes because Royal Stewart plaid is pretty vivid and it will work great more as an accent in an outfit. However, there are always exceptions and a Royal Stewart plaid blazer would be one of them. Black Watch is a muted style that can be used for any garments. It’s one of my favorite plaids for its ability to blend with any style and outfit. There are multiple color variations that play just great in the mix with Black Watch plaid items but my favorite are navy, vinous, black and denim. I really recommend owning a garment piece such as a skirt any style and length, pants or a shirt in classic plaid, it will add some classic vibes and make your outfit unique and zesty.

Say yes to plaid!

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  • Cardigan – Ann Tailor
  • Skirt- Forever 21
  • Boots-Zara
  • Bag- Asos

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