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Play the Contrast Game

posted by Sunnie Bell November 9, 2015 0 comments

My biggest passion in styling is to play the contrast game by mixing mismatched pieces and details. For example, why should a man’s shirt go well together with a delicate dress? Basically, it shouldn’t, because these two pieces are absolutely different by their nature and styles. However, putting these two items together, you’re playing with the contrast, creating certain boldness and ending up with an offbeat look. Too perfect outfits are pretty boring sometimes. One of the most important things in styling is how much you dare to improvise and experiment. For me the process of dressing up is not just covering my body with cute clothes. I always want to say something through my outfits and style in general. That’s why I always go with the current mood and inner vibrations. Whatever I wear today, I might never wear again in the same combination because every day is a new story with a package of different emotions, feelings, moods, etc.

P.S. Listen to yourself and express what you’ve got.

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