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posted by Sunnie Bell February 5, 2015 0 comments

This time I would like to talk about online shopping, its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I like online shopping for an opportunity to comfortably sit on the couch and study lots of online stores to find what I’m looking for.


I have a list of my favorite online stores I check once in a while. If I can’t find what I need I go to and simply type in a few words that describe what I want and they give me a bunch of similar to my request items from different online stores.


However, online shopping is a tricky thing as you know. The trickiest part is that you buy a pig in a poke. Ordering online a lot I figured a few important features of the stores I usually shop at. If you noticed in almost every single store same sizes fit differently. For example medium size in Urban Outfitters is different from medium size in Zara. You have to consider this fact when shop online and if you are not sure about a size, it’s better not to order at all, unless there’s no rush and you can receive your order, try it on and if it doesn’t work send it back.


After shopping online for a while I made a list of online stores I like. I know my sizes in each of these stores for almost every piece of clothes and as a result online shopping became more successful. Though, there are things such as pants, jeans, shoes that I try to buy in regular stores. Sometimes if I find something ridiculously cute or unique online I can take some risk and buy it (always check return/refund policy).


Here is a list of my favorite online stores: – sweaters, dresses, tops, accessories, outwear; they have great selection of vintage denim shorts but those are good to try before buying in regular stores. – dresses, accessories (especially bags and sunglasses), tops, sweaters, outwear, shoes, kinda universal store. – blazers, shoes, pants (learn your sizes). – dresses, tops, sweaters, accessories, sometimes shoes. – I shop for vintage stuff over there, they don’t do returns and refunds, so you have to be careful about sizes and other things. – they have lots of retro stuff, can’t recommend anything specific, it depends more on personal preferences and needs, but I shop for different details for my retro inspired looks. – shoes stock with huge variety of every single style on sale. They have other stuff as well, but I buy only shoes over there if I find something special. I had bad luck with the size only once with this store. – and this is a great website where you can find almost anything you look for. You just type in what you are looking for and they give you lots of options from different online stores.

I’m wearing:

  • Coat –
  • Boyfriend jeans – Gap (stolen  borrowed from my husband, I like men’s clothes, wanted to try this trick:) )
  • Sweater – Old Navy
  • Shoes – Audrey Brook


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