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Offbeat Style

posted by Sunnie Bell September 16, 2015 0 comments

Offbeat style is about accents and imperfection. If everything in your outfit perfectly matching it might look pretty boring and dull, don’t be afraid to add a piece that doesn’t match entire composition, this piece will make your outfit offbeat. Imperfection is getting more popular and I think it’s really fun because it doesn’t block your fantasy and lets you create different styles more like an artist. There are fortune of ways to create something extraordinary and fun even staying within classic styles. Colors also matter, for example, in this particular look there are three colors, red, black and brown, however, I took a risk and added a baby blue purse as an accent of the entire look and it made my outfit more unusual. The best and fun way to learn how to create fun and unique looks is to have only 5 minutes to dress up. Try this trick and enjoy the results. 🙂

And don’t take yourself too seriously… 🙂



  • Top – Asos
  • Skirt – Banana Republic Vintage
  • Shoes – Sergio Bari
  • Purse – Urban Expressions

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