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No Stress for Budget

posted by Sunnie Bell April 18, 2017 0 comments

Hello dears!

I know a lot of people who track my blog posts and other works figured that I create everything within a budget. I’m absolutely positive, it is affordable for everybody to develop a personal style. Moreover, I treat it as a game, sort of fun challenge to look “expensive” without stressing your budget too much. However, to look “expensive” like I said, shopping skills are not enough. The key elements of successful styling are to understand what clothes flatter your figure building a smooth silhouette, what colors look the best on you and how to play with it, fabric that is so important in supporting a shape, accessories to complement a look, and other nuances. It took me some time to understand all that, observing, making mistakes and learning from them, having nothing to wear in the closet full of things, watching and reading people who know the art of dressing well, with a style. So, the other day, I got hit with an idea to start “Your Stylist” rubric here on the blog where I will be sharing my experience, tips and all the information relating this topic. I’ll show you how to create a personal style within a budget, how to restructure your wardrobe, how to build an offbeat or a very classy outfit, how to choose “your best fitting” jeans and many many more. Stay tuned my friends, I have a feeling it’s going to be fun. 😉

P.S. And please, ask me questions, let’s talk and discuss!




  • Top –  Vintage shop ($7)
  • Jeans – Gap ($69 )
  • Shoes – Katty Perry ($99)
  • Bag – Anne Klein (Flea Market $10)
  • Shawl – Vintage Shop ($5)
  • Sunglasses –   http://etsy.com ($30)

Total look =$220

But, jeans ($40) and shoes ($78) were on sale, so I paid even less. 🙂


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