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Mr. Joy’s 1st Birthday Party

posted by Sunnie Bell May 4, 2016 0 comments

Hello my friends!

Last Sunday we celebrated our son Luka’s first birthday. Yeaahh, I’m one of those moms who complains that time goes too fast, please stop and blah blah.. But this year was really the fastest in my life. So many new experiences, responsibilities, challenges and every day was full of happiness and so much joy. This year was the busiest, the craziest and the happiest in my life. It was awesome so many of our friends could join us to celebrate this Big day! We threw a little Mexican style party at the beach and enjoyed every minute of it..

Here are some pictures from the party…




IMG_9276 copyIMG_83491 copyIMG_9216 copyIMG_8410 copyIMG_8445 copyIMG_8590 copyIMG_9007 copyIMG_9005 copyIMG_9204 copyIMG_9280 copyIMG_8324 copyIMG_8652 copyIMG_8835 copyIMG_8687 copyIMG_8730 copyIMG_8709 copyIMG_9130 copyIMG_9142 copyIMG_8841 copyIMG_9371 copyIMG_9447 copy

Photos by Nastya Mosh http://nastyamosh.pro/

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