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Maintain the harmony

posted by Sunnie Bell October 8, 2015 0 comments

I haven’t talked about color for a while, so I want to share a few simple but useful tips with you to ease the process of creating a look. When I create any outfit my number one goal is to maintain the harmony between colors I choose. There can be multiple colors in the set but all these colors should work well with each other, otherwise it will be pretty distracting to the eyes. Before I start getting my outfit together, I focus on one or maximum two major details and then pick pieces that will blend into the set. For example, in this particular look I have four colors, vinous, white, navy and black. The navy pants I wear have vinous and white stripes and my vinous hat blends in very well, then a simple basic white shirt plays more like neutral role in this outfit so do black oxfords. Suspenders are a fun detail here, but also in neutral colors. I went for neutral colors here a lot because these pants and the hat are two major and pretty stand out details, so to balance them out I needed some neutrals. This is just one example of how you can maintain the harmony in a color set of your look, there are a lot more interesting things to know, so I’ll be sharing now more often.

P.S. Harmony is when everything is pleasing to your eyes.



  • Top- Ann Tailor
  • Pants-Old Navy
  • Shoes- NastyGal

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