Friday Inspiration: Sylvie Vartan

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Salut mes amis!

Here’s one of my big fashion loves Sylvie Vartan who’s style inspires me so much. Sylvie is a popular French singer and actress who was born in Bulgaria in 1944. In early 1960s she started her career as a singer and soon turned into a French pop star. Her personal iconic style was a lot about simplicity and smart matching of all the outfit details and color. I like a subtle way she put things together in her looks, sophisticated and unique at the same time. Ballet flats or sneakers were common items of her style often paired with jeans and simple tops or sweaters, knee socks with clean cut feminine chic dresses, etc.  She never used too much of accessories and jewels, just enough of everything.

Tip: Watching old movies can be a great source of inspiration. Find a character or somebody who’s style will be close to your style preferences and study her/his image a little bit. Try to find something unique and interesting in their looks. It can be a color matching ideas, prints, fabrics, accessories, jewelry or a hairstyle. Most of the movie style icons have their personal fashion stylists who work on their images.


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