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Four Outfit Experiments part II

posted by Sunnie Bell February 22, 2017 0 comments

Hey hey!

Third outfit of the project is a relaxed, soft grunge inspired presentation. All of the details here, play around two main elements of the costume, a bronze dress and a men’s denim vintage jacket. A combination of an oversized jacket and a chic dress make this look laid-back and exquisite at the same time.

Fourth costume is about flamboyance and elegance. There are two main accents of the outfit, an 80s red blazer and a pork pie hat from the epoch of 90s. To balance all the elements of the ensemble I added less blazing details such as light blue skinny jeans, beige classic shoes and washed blue basic tank top. And a few of 90s inspired jewelry pieces complemented the look.

Little advise: Experiment with details, add unique and interesting jewelry pieces, accessories, create unexpected mixtures of different things.



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