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Elegant and Feminine

posted by Sunnie Bell June 20, 2017 0 comments

Guten Tag!

That day I was inspired for something elegant and very feminine. An a-line midi skirt is a right detail in creating something really feminine. This kind of skirt accentuates your waist because it sits at your natural waistline and expands towards the bottom. Therefore, it creates an illusion of an hourglass shape of your body, an ideal proportion of a woman’s silhouette.

  • Choose a right length of a skirt based on your body proportions.
  • If your height is medium to tall you can go for knee length as well as for mid-calf.
  • If you have a petite body complexion, focus on the length that is at your knee level or slightly below.
  • If you elevate yourself with at least kitten heels, an a-line midi skirt will be especially flattering.
  • Tucked in tops (t-shirts, polos, light blouses and sweaters, etc) are best companions for this kind of skirt. Cropped tops look good in this duo as well.

The variety of such skirts is absolutely immense and that is the best part, just challenge your fantasy!



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