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A Pleasing Color Combination

posted by Sunnie Bell April 25, 2017 0 comments

Ciao loves!

This outfit is about:

♦ simplicity

♦ balanced proportion

♦ a pleasing color combination.

Even though simplicity and proportion are important (I will cover these topics in the next posts), this time I want to discuss colors.

When I chose this white skirt, I wanted to combine it with something unpredictable color-wise. So, I put a mint sweater and a white skirt together and it came out looking kind of syrupy. Then I decided to downplay it with a few brown shades. Little brown accents such as a string of beads, a simple vintage little bag, a pair of subtle flats and sunglasses helped to unify the look.

Thus, a simple cut mint sweater + white denim midi skirt + brown shades accessories=harmonious and well balanced combo.

The outfit turned out pretty romantic and very comfortable.

Why do I recommend a knee-length or below-knee white skirt?

  1. A white skirt will serve as a base for unlimited outfit and color combinations, it’s a universal piece that should join your wardrobe.
  2. Knee length skirts are flattering for all body types and showcase your legs in the best light.

Enjoy your Tue!



  • Sweater -Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Skirt – Gap
  • Flats – Sergio Bari
  • Bag – Brooks Brothers (vintage store)


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