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A Goddess Photoshoot.. Once upon a Saturday

posted by Sunnie Bell August 2, 2017 0 comments

Once upon a Saturday I took part in a Goddess Photoshoot. It was a new and interesting experience for me. What is Goddess Photoshoot? My photographer friend who offers it describes it like this: “Goddess Photoshoot is a unique photographic experience that invites a woman to awaken her Goddess within, to connect to the divine feminine, to the infinite wisdom, creativity, and power, which, in turn, have the potential of transforming her life.” Visit www.goddessphotoshoot.com to find out more about Goddess Photoshoot.

Now, back to the role I played in this project.

My goal was to create two outfits for a modern-day Goddess that would include colors and other symbols associated with this particular goddess. The goddess reading for the magical Karen, who was the main character in this photoshoot, indicated that her goddess was Saraswati. Saraswati is a Hindu goddess of wisdom; her colors are white, blue and yellow. A swan or peacock are also associated with Saraswati. Given this information, these are the two looks that I came up with.

♦For the first look I wanted something moderately saucy, elegant and romantic at the same time. A combination of three details such as a high waist light blue shorts+blue high knee socks+green heeled slip-on sandals showcased Karen’s super long legs. And a white open shoulder top completed the look as a neutral but important detail.

♦The second look was simply about pure femininity and lightness. Therefore, to emphasize Karen’s tenderness and femininity I chose a light blue dress. This outfit turned out quite romantic and charming and that perfectly displayed Karen’s nature.


Photographer http://www.francescabliss.com/

Style – SunnieBell


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